Move to the DeWalt 20V Battery System

I recently made a choice to standardize on the DeWalt 20V battery. The decision came easily after another recent purchase of the Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayer Since it comes with 2 small 2mah DeWalt batteries. The move also came because after the Sears closing, the new brand owners quickly created a new battery that put the rock hard standard C3 system I have been using since the old NiMH days.

The journey progressed quickly. I purchased a kit containing the staple drill, 1/4 impact driver batteries. and charger. I then listed the equivalents in C3 on eBay. Fortunately there is still a strong market for the old C3 tools. I have been able to sell nearly all of my c3 tools as I replace them with DeWalt’s version

I am very happy with the tools in general. I store them by tool type in Homer buckets along with the accessories that match the tool such as a multitool and all of the blades. I keep batteries and charger in a separate bucket making the occasional task of charging or topping off all the batteries easier. Along the way, I found deals on bigger batteries and now have 4 2mah, 2 4mah, 2 6mah and one off brand flex 20/60 volt 6mah battery. So far, the latter can only be used by the hammer drill.

Overall, I highly recommend the DeWalt line. You can find a link to a kit to get started below. I do make a small commission at no cost to you if you click on the link and purchase the item.

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