Replacing an electric cooktop.

I recently replaced a cooktop for a customer. A beautiful Bosch induction cooktop with all touch controls and wifi connectivity.

Replacing a top is definitely something a DIYer with basic electrical knowledge can handle. The first step is to identify the circuit breaker and then shut if off. Removal of the old top will involve disconnecting the wires. This job had a dedicated electrical box with a simple cover which I removed to discover three wire nuts connecting the ground and 2 hot lines. I removed the wire nuts and straightened out the wires. Next, there was an electrical fitting connected to the box which needed to be unscrewed. Once the was loose, the conduit from the old top became liberated. Tops are typically just set into place without straps as was the case here. Removing the top was easy as I simply pushed up from underneath with just enough force to free it from the accumulated grime.

Installation of the new top followed the procedure in reverse. I had a couple wooden blocks on hand to support the top as I lined it up to verify it was indeed the correct size for the rough opening. The conduit was roughly the same length and same position so I was able to remove the blocks and begin connection of the wires. I pulled the wires through the fitting and then through the box, then tightened up the fitting to the box. Connecting the ground and 2 hot wires to the house wiring was next using the same wing nuts from before. It doesn’t matter which hot goes to which house. In this case the house hot wires were both black and the cooktop hot wires were red and black. Once the wire nuts were in place, I gently folded the wires into the box and then installed the cover. Now it was time to turn on the circuit breaker and test the cooktop!!!

Finding the off on touch control power was easily verified and then a quick test of an induction burner was the proof that the installation was complete.

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